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Globalcraft Rugs is perhaps one of the pioneers when it comes to Custom Rugs. In late 90s we understood that one size did not fit all when it came to rugs. By listening to our clients’ needs we developed a process that is arguably standard in the industry now. Fifteen years later, today, we stand proud as one of the leaders in custom design and color. We work very closely with our clients to make sure that their dream rug can be translated into one-of- a-kind rug in reality. With over 1000 colors and designs to choose from, we have something to please everyone. The steps involved in creating a custom rug are:

1.     Identifying the design:

This is toughest part. Most of the clients know they want something unique, something that will blend in with the design and architecture of their home. This is where our expert designers can help you decide among contemporary, traditional or transitional designs.

2.     Selecting the colors:

The next step is picking out the colors. We work with about 1400 variations of colors. You can pick your favorite color, send us a piece of fabric to match or simply pick from our collection. Either way, we will help you pin point to the color that you have in your mind.

3.     Approving CAD and Strike-off:

Once all requirements are gathered, a Computer Aided Design (CAD) is drawn up within 24 hours in exact scale. When the CAD is approved, a strike off is made within four weeks upon request. After this, the actual rug weaving process begins which takes about three months depending on the size

Custom Rug Myths:
It takes forever to make a custom rug. This is half true, because there are few steps (as above) that need to happen before a final rug gets started. The good news is, we have streamlined the process because of our experience with dealing with it year after year. We deliver a typical custom rug in 3-5 months depending on the size.
Ordering custom rug is way too expensive. This is flat out wrong, at least with us. Even though some of our competitors charge as much as 50 to 60 percent more, we do our best to keep the cost down and pass on the savings to our customers. We have one of the best prices in the industry.